With a name that sounds like the re-imagining of a violin trio by the cast of Easy Rider, it should have come as no surprise that The Cadillac Three drew to Dingwalls a crowd packed out with denim jackets, plaid shirts and free-flowing male hair. Viewed by many as much needed purists on the country rock scene, Nashville natives, The Cadillac Three are certainly unashamed of living up to Southern cliches ; swigging JD from the bottle? Check. Trucker caps? Check. Shouting “grab your partner by the hand”? Well, not quite . . .

What is beyond debate is that The Three love their home region. “The South” name-checks Southern states from Carolina to Florida like a continuation of the train travel narrative of Johnny Cash’s “Hey Porter”. If that was not enough to get the message through, “I’m Southern” finds singer, Jared Johnston proudly declaring, “I’m Southern, and it ain’t my fault!”

A muscly live proposition, The Cadillac Three bang out the meaty riffs with baccy-spittin’ ferocity. “Tennessee Mojo” is a case in point; a three chord head-banger that lives up to its title, with Johnston proclaiming, “All the pretty ladies wanna hold my hand” like he was Matthew McConnaughey reincarnate. The audience certainly showered the band with enthusiasm, moving Johnston enough for him to compliment London as being like a second home. The year spent touring debut album, “Tennessee Mojo” has paid dividends with lyrics sung back from the audience with impressive frequency and accuracy.

With rock legend endorsement from the likes of Chrissie Hynde, found lurking at the back of the venue on the evening, The Cadillac Three certainly have the songs with attitude that radiates cruising down an empty freeway for the summer holidays. Though as it stands, the lack of variety in the subject matter and song structure of The Cadillac Three repertoire still makes 80 minutes in their company seem like time spent with Kings Of Leons’ less travelled and less interesting cousins.