New Releases

John Wick

Keanu Reeves is John Wick; a former hitman who retired to live a normal life with the love of his life. However, her sudden death shatters his world and the theft of his prized 1969 Mustang by sadistic mobster, Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen), Wick is propelled back into the underworld on a relentless revenge mission.

Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2

The side-splitting sequel to the 2009 original sees Kevin James return as security guard, Paul Blart. Six years on from the first film sees Blart set off on holiday to Las Vegas with teenage daughter, Maya (Raini Rodriguez). When Blart discovers criminals have planned to burgle his hotel, he decides to take matters into his own hands . . .

Broken Horses

Following the death of his father, Jacob (Anton Yelchin) returns to his desolate hometown and is reunited with brother, Buddy (Chris Marquette). While life has been good to Jacob, Buddy is now working for a notorious drug gang. Feeling guilty for abandoning him, Jacob sets out to save his brother from a life of crime. The first American movie from Bollywood director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Woman In Gold

Dame Helen Mirren leads an all-star cast, including Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Bruhl, Katie Holmes and Jonathan Pryce in this compelling, true-life tale. Mirren is Maria Altman, a holocaust survivor who, in the 1980s, went to court to reclaim five paintings by Gustav Klimt which were stolen by the Nazis and wound up in the possession of the Austrian government. Simon Curtis directs this stunning drama about an ordinary woman who took on an entire government who fought to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

The Duff

Bianca (Mae Whitman) is a typical 17 year old, high school student who is horrified to discover via jock, Wesley (Robbie Amell) that she is a DUFF : a Designated Ugly Fat Friend to her two gorgeous galpals. Bianca enlists Wesley’s help to change her image, attract the attention of crush, Toby (Nick Eversman) and finally find the confidence to stand up to school bully, Madison (Bella Thorne). Based on the popular novel by Kody Keplinger.

Good Kill

Ethan Hawke stars as former fighter pilot, Tom Egan; a man who no longer operates on the frontline and instead, pilots drones against The Taliban in The Middle East. Egan is based in Las Vegas with his wife (January Jones) and their children, but his sense of distance from the conflict becomes increasingly unsettling and he questions the ethics of his position. A complex drama that questions the role of Army personnel in our increasingly digitised age. 

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

The drunken time-travelling posse from the 2010 original (minus John Cusack, boooo!) return in this funny, futuristic sequel. Jacob (Clark Duke), Nick (Craig Robinson) and Lou (Rob Corddry) are reaping the benefits from their trip back to 1986; Nick is a hugely successful music star while Lou has made a mountain of money as the daddy of the internet. However, when Lou is shot by a mysterious assassin, it’s back to their unconventional time machine for the friends to prevent his fate. However, they find themselves 10 years into the future where things are VERY different!

Special Screenings

Cobain : Montage Of Heck

The GFT (Various Dates/Times)

The first fully authorised documentary on the tragic former Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain who was found dead at home over 20 years ago this week. Director, Brett Morgan fuses never-before-seen home movies, animations and intimate interviews to present a unique portrait of Cobain’s life and legacy.

Movie News

The forthcoming Minions movie has a release date; the pre-Gru adventures of everyone’s favourite little yellow men stars Sandra Bullock as Scarlet Overkill. Minions will be hitting a cinema near you on Friday 26th June 2015!