Labelling Glasgow the “party capital of the world”, there was a real feeling in the air that Lower Than Atlantis’ gig at the city’s Garage on Monday night would be a memorable one, even before the band took to the stage.

The Watford-based band took to the stage to a raucous reception and wasted no time in setting the high-octane tone with opener, “Criminal”. “Love Someone Else” followed as well as a throwback to their 2010 debut with track, “Far Q” and “Stays The Same” from their latest self-titled LP. Frontman, Mike Duce then asked the venue if there was anyone called Emily in the room, before the four-piece tore through their track of the same name.

During the set, Duce stopped and, by his own admission, said “cheesy things to the crowd because that’s what singers in bands do”. “Ain’t No Friend”, “English Kids In America” and “High At Five” shaped the energetic set. The band interacted playfully with their audience; Duce stuck a sticker to his chest thrown on stage by a fan and a bunny mask which found its way to the stage was passed between all four members.

“Marilyn’s Mansion” and “Sewer Side” were next, but it was “(Motor) Way Of Life” which provoked the biggest reaction from the crowd. In keeping with the Glaswegian way of things, both Duce and guitarist, Ben Sansom happily accepted fans’ challenge to “down their drinks”, spilling a considerable amount of beer (down themselves) in the process. “Wars With Words” and “Deadliest Catch” saw the band bow out.

Returning with an acoustic guitar, Duce stepped back up to the mic and asked the crowd to split apart in the middle; he then left the stage and stood in the newly-formed space among fans. Standing with just his guitar and mic, he asked the crowd to sit down while he played, “Another Sad Song”. Duce rejoined his bandmates onstage for, “Beech Like The Tree”. The band thanked fans for their support and expressed their love of playing in Glasgow; the traditional Glaswegian chorus of, “Here We Fucking Go” cemented that the feeling was mutual.