Bringing a fresh slice of electro pop to the British music scene, Cheltenham-based Young Kato showed Glasgow what they’re all about when they went under the spotlight at The Garage this weekend.

Flashing lights and a mini-eruption from the crowd saw Young Kato take to the stage; frontman, Tommy Wright introduced the band and opening track, “Ultraviolet”. “Light It Up” and “Runaway” followed; the latter being their forthcoming single and a track that the band confided in the crowd that they are very proud of writing. Young Kato added their gratitude to fans for coming out to spend a Saturday night with them, confessing to a love of the energy that comes with Scottish shows.

“Remedy”, “Breakout” and “Stephanie” were played and saw both the band and their fans in full swing. The gig was part of Young Kato’s current UK tour which has them out on the road in support of their debut LP, “Don’t Wait Til’ Tomorrow”, scheduled for release next month. “Just Say The Word Away” and “Children Of The Stars” were also given an airing.

Wright announced that Young Kato would be playing a small acoustic set later in the evening and that requests from fans would be more than welcome. However, their stint at The Garage was not over; the entire audience seemed to abandon their inhibitions to “Drink, Dance, Play”. “Sunshine” closed the zesty set with Wright encouraging fans to bounce up and down in a last eruption of energy. The Glaswegian punters, of course, were only too happy to oblige him.

“Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow” is out on 3rd May 2015.