“Fun, fresh and honest music that you can drink cocktails to”.

As difficult as it is to disagree with Model Aeroplanes’ favoured description of their sound, bottles of Brahma are on promotion at the bar this evening so I pass on the cocktails for now. For a band just five short singles in, it is an impressive showing for their first headline at the heralded venue. This is due surely, in no small part, to their online presence, coupled with sets at T in the Park, Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Stag and Dagger and Tenement Trail last year. Tonight’s headline show is probably one of the final ‘firsts’ worth ticking off as a Scottish band.

“Are you ready to dance with us?” Lead vocalist and guitarist Rory Fleming-Stewart asks rhetorically as they begin proceedings with an interlude of sorts that bleeds into the first song, the first of a few new tracks on display. The previously released, “Electricity” follows with one of the most recognisable of the band’s intros warms the crowd into the affair with many a phone in the air and numerous shy but knowing singalongs between friends in attendance. As modern as the fan’s recording equipment may be, the band themselves have references beyond their years as Rory quips the amount of love songs in tonight’s set would rival the output of a certain Steve Wright of a Sunday morning.

The next of these love songs to be played is another new effort and potential future single, “Toothache”, all punchy rhythms and catchy refrains delivered with the now all too expected danceability to get the cocktail drinkers moving. This inclination for groove is what draws most comparisons to the Clubs of Too Door Cinema and Bombay Bicycle. Displayed well by the back to back of “Whatever Dress Suits You Better” and “Crazy”, the latter sounding particularly bass heavy in the mix this evening.

The role of ‘mid set slow-burner’ is this evening played by “Her Head’s In A Mess”; a ballad by no means, but not quite as up tempo as the standard. Fresh new single “Deep In The Pool”, percussive and bright, it bafflingly somehow inspires a mosh pit within the crowd shortly after, but the band don’t mind with Rory again showing his appreciation, not only for undoubtedly the most aggressive response to his request for some dancing at the start of the set, but also the Glasgow crowd on the whole and their support this evening.

They round out the set with a couple of singles, the best opportunity for a singalong coming with, “Innocent Love” and current big hit “Club Low”, providing both the close and the mission statement of Model Aeroplanes. It ends sharply as to ensure the crowd, which includes two thirds of fellow up-and-comers Prides, are left wanting more. They appear to be peaking at the right time and improving with every performance, a highlight as part of the first run of UK headline shows although, this may be one of the final ‘firsts’ for the band to enjoy; the crowds will certainly only get bigger, as will the mosh pits.