New Releases

The Age Of Adaline

This powerful, romantic drama is brought to you by the people behind The Notebook and The Time Traveller’s Wife. Blake Lively is Adaline, a young woman born in 1908 who, following a car accident, is rendered forever young and chooses to live in solitary to conceal her secret. However, after 8 decades of loneliness, Adaline meets handsome philanthropist, Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) and seems to have found someone to love, that is, until a meeting with Ellis’ parents threatens to expose her secret. Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker and Ellen Burstyn co-star.

Spooks : The Greater Good

The acclaimed TV series gets the silver screen treatment in this gripping, feature-length thriller. Following the escape of a terrorist from custody during a routine handover, MI5’s head of counter-terrorism, Harry Pearce (Peter Firth) takes the blame and appears to commit suicide. However, Pearce’s protege, MI5 agent, Will Holloway (Kit Harington) is suspicious and investigates his mentor’s death; unwittingly uncovering a conspiracy that stretches from Vietnam to The Mediterranean

Big Game

Samuel L Jackson stars as The US President in this action-packed adventure. 13 year old Finnish boy, Oskari (Onni Tommila) is shocked to discover the American President in hiding while out hunting in the wilderness of Finland. Following his escape from Air Force One after his private jet was attacked by terrorists, The President is now without his normal security back-up and must rely on Oskari to help him defeat the terrorists who are intent on capturing their own “Big Game”. Jim Broadbent, Felicity Huffman and Victor Garber co-star.

Top Five

Chris Rock stars and directs this hilarious satire of celebrity life and romance. Andrea Allen (Rock) is former alcoholic and star of the downmarket “Hammy The Bear” movie series. In a bid to be taken seriously, Allen, now clean and sober, has made a dull, earnest movie about the Haitian slave revolt. On the eve of his wedding to reality TV star gold digger, Erica (Gabrielle Union), Allen agrees to an interview with journalist, Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson) which proves to be a very revealing encounter! Watch out for cameos by Adam Sandler, Whoopi Goldberg and Jerry Seinfeld

Special Screenings

Logan’s Run @ The GFT

Sunday 10th May 2015 @ 5.30pm

The year is 2274 and life is very different. Living inside a dome, the human race is free to do very little work and indulge themselves in life’s pleasures. However, there is one catch; at the age of 30, you must undergo, “Carrousel”, a ritual where your life is terminated. Anyone who tries to run is tracked down by sandmen . . . When Logan, a sandman himself, is forced to run, he makes a discovery that could change civilisation forever. Michael York, Richard Jordan and Jenny Agutter star.

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Movie News

65 year old, Meryl Streep proved that you’re never too old to rock when the trailer of her upcoming movie, “Ricki And The Flash” was unveiled this week. Streep plays ageing rocker, Ricki who abandoned her family to chase her dreams of becoming a rockstar. However, when ex-husband, Pete (played by Kevin Kline) contacts her to help estranged daughter, Julie (played by Streep’s real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer) through a tough time, Ricki gets the chance to make up for putting her ambitions before her family. The movie is set for release in August 2015.