New Releases

Jurassic World

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard head up the cast in this action-packed, sci-fi adventure with dinosaurs that initially terrified us over 20 years ago. In a bid to boost flagging visitor numbers, Isla Nubar’s Jurassic World theme park have introduced a unique hybrid in the form of Indominus Rex; a bigger and deadlier creature than any dinosaur before. The whole island is put at risk when this lab-created dinosaur escapes!

Special Screenings

The Misfits @ The GFT (Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th June 2015)

The final filmĀ of both Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable tells the story of a high-minded divorcee who falls for an over-the-hill cowboy. Montgomery Clift also stars.

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Funny Face @ The Grosvenor Cinema (Thursday 18th June 2015)

Vintage Thursdays presents Audrey Hepburn as Jo Stockton, a bookshop clerk who has the potential to be a model. Fred Astaire is Dick Avery, the photographer who discovers her and gives her the opportunity to make it big. Cue Paris, a whirlwind romance and a few catwalk disasters!

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