As the venue continued to fill up, Suspire claimed centre stage in King Tut’s on Friday evening, and the four piece kicked off their last home-town show of the summer with “Sleep”. Despite only being his second live show with the band, bass player, Chris Yacomine seemed completely comfortable on stage as the band went on to play “On A Clear Day” and “Old Lady”.

A few songs into the set, guitarist/vocalist, Brian Cunnningham stated that it was starting to get a little hot on stage, before bass player/vocalist, Paul Duffin quickly quipped, “Speak for yourself! I’m the Roger Federer of being on stage, I don’t sweat”. “Moonshine” came next, followed by “Man’s Laughter” where drummer, Claire Duffin thanked the crowd for their support; both for coming out to the show and the great reception given to their debut LPSuspire closed the set with “Yes!”, but still making time to chat to fans. It might be some time before we see them play live again, but there is no doubt the venue will be packed!