New Releases

The D Train

Dan Landsman (Jack Black) is a dorky, unpopular “loser” who is devoted to his wife, Stacey (Kathryn Hahn) and son, Zach (Russell Posner) and responsible for organising his 20 Year High School Reunion. In a bid to boost enthusiasm and finally become a hero to his peers, Dan decides to persuade former classmate-turned-Hollywood hunk, Oliver Lawless (James Marsden) to come along . . . with a very unexpected twist!

A Walk In The Woods

Robert Redford in celebrated travel writer, Bill Bryson, who, after two decades of living in Britain with his English wife (played by Emma Thompson) decides to return home to The US and reconnect with his homeland with a 2, 200 mile hike of The Appalachian Trail. What starts off as a trip of relaxation and tranquility soon becomes something else entirely when his friend, Stephen Katz (Nick Nolte) joins him . . .


The team behind TV’s “Horrible Histories” present this riotous comedy about the “lost years” of playwright, William Shakespeare. The seven years between the birth of his twin children and his emergence on the London literary scene of Shakespeare’s life is a mystery to scholars; what happened in this time? Mathew Baynton plays the prominent playwright in a tale that includes murderous kings, spies, lost loves and a plot to blow up Queen Elizabeth I (played by Helen McCrory).

Special Screenings

In Cold Blood @ The GFT, (Sunday 20th-Tuesday 22nd September 2015)

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This 1967 Richard Brooks-directed movie delves into the mind of two killers; Dick Hickock and Perry Smith broke into the home of Herbert Clutter and murdered him, his wife and two teenage kids in November 1959. While on death row, Truman Capote interviewed them and this thought-provoking and sensitive docu-drama of two ruthless killers was based on his book that followed.

Democrats @ The GFT, Thursday 24th September 2015

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Camilla Nielsson directs this gripping, political thriller charting two¬†political opponents over three years tasked with drafting a new constitution in Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.