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Miss You Already 

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette are BFF’s Milly and Jess who have known each other since childhood. Successful career woman, Milly (Collette) is wife to Kit (Dominic Cooper) and mother of two, while hippy-chick, Jess (Barrymore) works in a community garden and lives on a houseboat with boyfriend, Jago (Paddy Considine), trying desperately to start a family of her own. However, when Milly is diagnosed with breast cancer, both women find their bond tested to the limit and their lives changed forever . . .


A series of bizarre murders forces veteran Detective Joe Merriweather (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his ambitious partner, Katherine Cowles (Abbie Cornish) to enlist the help of reclusive, retired civilian analyst, Dr Clancy (Anthony Hopkins) in a bid to track down the serial killer responsible. However, when Dr Clancy starts experiencing visions of the killer (Colin Farrell), he quickly realises his “second sight” has nothing on the mental powers of the wanted man. 


Based on true events from 2005, this powerful drama stars David Oyelawo and Kate Mara. Brian Nichols (Oyelawo) is on trial for rape when he escapes from Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta; after murdering a judge, a court reporter and two policemen, he takes single mother, Ashley Smith (Mara) hostage on the run. However, Nichols has his faith awakened when the devout Ashley reads aloud chapters of “The Purpose Driven Life”, in a bid to encourage the violent killer to show mercy and free her. 


Kevin Costner is Jim White, a football coach who loses his job after a violent altercation with one of his players, and forced into a lowly post teaching science and P.E in the poverty-stricken town of McFarland. Despite their initial disinterest and quick-tempered attitude towards him, White is impressed with how fast and athletic his Hispanic students are and strives to discipline them into becoming a cross-country team worthy of competing against the best runners in the State. Based on an inspirational true story.


It’s 1955 and ambitious Hollywood photographer, Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson) meets James Dean (Dane DeHaan) at a party, fresh from filming, “East Of Eden”, the movie where he would make his name.  Immediately recognising the young actor’s charisma, Stock captures some of most enduring and iconic images of Dean’s tragically short life in a Life magazine shoot. 

Special Screenings

Arcade Fire : The Reflektor Tapes  Book here

The GFT (Friday 25th-Sunday 27th September 2015)

Director Kahill Joseph charts Arcade Fire creative process on their number one album, “Reflektor”, including the band in Jamaica, recording in Montreal and playing an impromptu gig at a Haitian hotel on the first night of Carnival.

Roger Waters The Wall

The GFT/Cineworld/The Grosvenor (Tuesday 29th September 2015)

The largest worldwide tour by a solo artist, filmed across three cities and two continents, this stunning cinema event blends Roger Waters’ tour of the Pink Floyd classic album with a unique, behind the scenes look at the musician’s work and its meaning, both past and present. Not your typical concert documentary.