Remember, remember the 5th of November, for that’s when The Fratellis returned to Glasgow to show the home crowd how it’s done. Starting off with the “can can” tune to get everybody’s attention, Glasgow was captivated from the moment the trio (plus their touring keyboard player) stepped on stage.

Bursting straight into latest single, “Baby Don’t You Lie To Me!”, lifted straight from their fourth LP, “Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied”, the night started as it meant to go on; a fast-paced, blues twanged affair with everyone present bursting with enthusiasm.

It’s not until you’re at a Fratellis gig ready for the band to spring on stage at the early-ish time 8.15pm that you realise just how many hits this band have under their belts; more than enough to fill almost 2 hours of stage time. Despite racking up four albums in their career, it’s fair to say that most songs on the set list were taken from their debut offering, “Costello Music”. However, it didn’t give the gig too much of a nostalgic feel, as after all, the purpose of the show was to give latest LP, “Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied”, a live airing.

Frontman, Jon Lawler hit almost every note of every track perfectly, hidden under his beige fedora. With slightly hillbilly versions of old tracks sewn together with extended riffs and jams, there was enough change to give the tracks atmosphere and keep the crowd guessing. There was one slight nostalgic moment as Lawler spoke for the first time about halfway through the set; he told a tale fit for any die hard Fratellis fans of how the first song the band played together in a studio about 10 years ago was “Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy”. Or maybe it wasn’t, because they were all drunk and that’s the song they think it was (!)

The unquestionable highlight of the night, however, was during the encore where fans were clearly expecting the band’s signature track, “Chelsea Dagger” to be played, instead after “This Is Not The End Of The World”, The Fratellis steam-rolled into another top track from their latest album, “Too Much Wine”. However, it was too late as the crowd had already formed a massive circle, ready to launch themselves at each other for the big chorus. Instead, a few hundred people thought on their feet and began to dance in the circle instead, to the bemusement and delight of the band.

“Chelsea Dagger” did then follow, sending the crowd off on a high note and proving that these guys still have what it takes 10 years on.