Alt-metal band, Bring Me The Horizon kicked off the UK leg of their “That’s The Spirit Tour” at Glasgow’s 02 Academy on Tuesday night.

The Sheffield-based band launched into “Doomed”, the lead track from their latest LP, much to the delight of fans. “Happy Song” followed, before “Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake” and “The House Of Wolves”. Frontman, Oli Sykes thanked the crowd for their support since the band’s formation in 2003, before a nostalgic nod to Bring Me The Horizon’s early days with, “Chelsea Smile”, the lead track from the band’s 2008 album, “Suicide Season”.

The band jumped right back into the present with, “Throne” which saw the youthful crowd respond in a fit of energy with mosh pits forming throughout the venue’s floor-space. “Shadow Moses” and “Sleepwalking” were aired, with Sykes once again expressing the gratitude of the band at the loyalty of their fans who helped make, “That’s The Spirit” their best-selling LP to date; he then introduced the latest single from Bring Me The Horizon, “True Friends”.

“Can You Feel My Heart?” and “Antivist” closed the set as smoke cannons exploded from the front of the stage, marking the band’s exit. However, the music-hungry, Glaswegian crowd were not ready to accept that their night was over just yet, and began chanting for more! The headliners reappeared onstage and granted their wish; taking a trip back in time once again with, “Blessed With A Curse” kicking off the encore. The screens behind the band went black, before “BMTH” was spelled out in white and the intro to the final track of the night, “Down” closed the gig on a high amid smoke and confetti.

With just 13 tracks shaping the set, Bring Me The Horizon’s Glasgow gig may have been short, but it was exceptionally sweet; an evening of raw, raucous rock music exceeding all expectations and making for an unforgettable show.