As has become tradition, The View  intentionally excluded Glasgow as part of their recent “Ropewalk Tour” to ensure that their annual December gig in the city was as raucous and riotous as always.

With the very same song a lot of fans had first heard them play after a couple of warm-up mass sing-a-longs, they start with side one, track one from debut LP, “Hats Off To The Buskers”, “Comin’ Down”. This was followed by singles, “Grace”, “5 Rebeccas” and “Wasted Little DJs”. Those who are familiar, either only or predominantly with the band’s first record, have plenty to sing-a-long to in the set as this is as close to a Greatest Hits collection as the band can muster. The crowd, from the off, are arguably the best that the band have seen in recent shows with a jumping dancefloor from the kick-off.

The middle set of the set has the traditional cluster of Kieran Webster tracks as he takes lead vocals on “Skag Trendy”, “Realisation” and “Cracks”, which all go down a treat. With special emphasis on the former track, front-man Kyle Falconer, when handed the bass guitar, begins a jam to lead into his bassline introduction. It is only when Webster has the main microphone that the crowd can decipher some chat; he confirms the obvious that this is a favourite place to play as the band’s secondary home-town.

This section is closely followed by the two singles lifted from latest LP, “Ropewalk”, “Under The Rug” and “Marriage”, which include the introduction and rhythm guitar support of Mr Stevie Anderson, currently of Sinderins and former guitarist with The Law, contemporaries of The View in the early days. When relieved of his guitar-playing duties, Anderson was in charge of guitar tech for the set, and as a result, the new songs sounded fresh and able to hold their own against the old favourites.

The third part of the middle stanza includes an acoustic version of “Face For The Radio” and “Tacky Tattoo”; Falconer is confident enough to miss out a few big lines during the former for the crowd to fill in, which they happily oblige. As well as this, he swaps instruments with guitarist, Pete Reilly during a musical comma in the track to borrow an electric guitar for his solo.

The set concludes with the remaining of their hit singles, “Sunday”, “Shock Horror” and “Same Jeans”, during which, unfortunately, a piece of the roof collapses backstage calling for an early stop to the set. After a couple of attempts to finish the set with “Superstar Tradesman” with only one guitar and an audience led sing-a-long, the band are eventually ushered off, but not before parading the broken piece of roof, safe in the knowledge that they literally brought the house down.