The past year has seen a lot of good, bad and ugly things in music (Justin Bieber with his whole album in the singles charts, anyone?). New found Beliebers and sad Directioners aside, it’s actually been another phenomenal year for good quality records. Here are the cream of the crop . . .

5. James Bay “Chaos And The Calm”

One of the best albums to brighten up the start of 2015, the debut effort from James Bay did nothing but cement his BRIT Critics Choice nomination. This talented singer-songwriter proved more than just a one hit wonder with his spectacular record packed full of potential hits. Real highlights of the album include “When We Were On Fire” and “Get Out While You Can“.

4. Florence and the Machine “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”

The meek redhead with the huge set of lungs really brought it back in 2015. With a headline slot at Glastonbury thanks to the ill-fate of Foo Fighter, Dave Grohl, Florence and her new LP were put firmly in the spotlight this summer, and boy did the girl deliver! With a flawless voice and back-catalogue of hits to belt out live, it wasn’t long before Florence Fever spread throughout Glasto and beyond. Luckily, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” lives up to its predecessors with huge hits like “Ship to Wreck” and “What Kind of Man” to lead the pack.

3. The Cribs “For All My Sisters”

Following up to 2013’sPayola,” a collection of their greatest hits, The Cribs literally had it all to live up to. True to form, “For All My Sisters” didn’t disappoint. With the hugely catchy “Different Angle” reminiscent of earlier Cribs hits, through to their more Weezer influenced tracks like “Wish I Knew You In The 90s” and lead track “Burning For No One,” this is another anthem full of sing-a-long winning tracks.

2. The Libertines “Anthems For Doomed Youth”

It’s hard to believe the long-awaited third album from The Libertines arrived a whopping 11 years after the last. This year brought much anticipated new music from the ultimate British indie band of this century. While the glory days may have come and gone, Carl Barat and Pete Doherty can still knock out a fair old tune or two. “Glasgow Coma City Blues” is a highlight, if only because it references our fair city.

  1. Adele “25”

2015 was certainly the year of the comeback in music, and none more justifiably so than Adele’s much awaited third record. Following her usual pattern of naming her album after her age at the time of its creation, “25” sees an altogether different period of Adele’s life, now she has a son in tow. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of the usual Adele heartbreak we know and love, and plenty of spine-tingling moments thanks to that stunning vocal we love so much.