Arguably Glasgow’s hardest working covers band, The Kicks are known (and loved) thanks to their resident slots at Maggie Mays and Box in the heart of the city. However, this weekend, The Kicks are scheduled to crank it up a notch with their debut performance at The Clutha.

Gutter HQ caught up with basisst, Steven Adamson for an exclusive chat on mumbly meetings with KISSlife before The Kicks and jamming with Paolo Nutini . . .

Who are The Kicks?

The Kicks consist of John McIntyre (vocals.guitar/vodka connoisseur), Neil MacDougall (drums/vocals/resident beard enthusiast) and myself, Steven Adamson (bass/vocals/questionnaire enthusiast).

How did the band initially come together?

The band really started when our two previous bands went their separate ways. Neil and I used to play in Three Card Trick (another great trio led by the mighty Gary Johnstone!) as well as a tonne of other bands and projects. John used to play with a great band called, The Works; John called Neil saying that he wanted to start a three piece and we’ve been working together since. That will be about 4 years ago come February!

What shapes a typical Kicks set?

We play a good mix of everything; lots of classic rock, modern pop hits and a big splattering of funk! We really cater for our audience.

What bands/artists inspire you?

Everyone in the band has very different music tastes. Neil loves film soundtracks and composers like Michael Kamen and Hans Zimmer, as well as Aerosmith and Alter Bridge! We went to see Aerosmith at Download a few years ago, so technically two thirds of The Kicks are on the “Aerosmith Live At Donnington 2014” DVD! John loves The Beatles, Prince, Chic, Rival Sons, lots of classic rock ans funk. Personally, my favourite band is KISS, and they are one of my biggest influences. I’ve been lucky enough to have met them which really just involved me standing, pointing and mumbling some incohoerent nonsense while they looked uncomfortable (worth it!)

The Kicks became “internet famous” overnight last summer when Paolo Nutini joined you onstage. What was that like for you?


Paolo was a real gentlemen; really down to earth and very humble. When he joined us onstage, it was fantastic and the whole room went crazy! It was great to meet him and we can’t thank him enough for getting up and jamming with us. We played a couple of Prince songs with him which Box’s engineer, Andrew Shepherd filmed on his phone and uploaded onto YouTube; we got something ridiculous like 150, 000 views in 24 hours! Unfortunately, the video is no longer on YouTube; Prince’s lawyers got him to take it off!

What can we expect from your Clutha debut this weekend?

It’s long overdue, but we’re looking forward to playing in The Clutha! Neil and I used to play there with Three Card Trick, and it was always a great place to play! There have been many great bands in The Clutha (The Vagabonds, Upshot and Slutcake are notable mentions!) and the bar staff and regulars were always some of the nicest folk you could meet! Whoever did the artwork on the outside is a genius! Every time I pass it, it makes me smile.

The Kicks are LIVE at The Clutha on Sunday 17th January 2016 @ 8pm