With Valentine’s Day just around the corner (*groan), you fall into one of two categories : you’re either pondering what to buy your better half, or you’re excited for “Deadpool”

We know which camp we’re in . . .

As Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of the unconventional, anti-hero superhero, we look back at some of his BEST movie moments!

The Croods (2013)


Lesser remembered of Dreamworks’ heart-warming, chuckle-inducing flick has Ryan as a half-dressed, perfect haired, sweetie-pie Guy. Plus, he’s smart! Well, for a caveman, anyway. It is proof that Reynolds can melt hearts in any situation, even when he doesn’t appear on-screen. We all wanted to be Belt, secretly.

Buried (2010)

An odd one for Ryan, where he got to flex a dramatic muscle. It is a simple thriller contained entirely inside a wooden box. If you didn’t start watching with claustrophobia, you’ll finish with it.

The Proposal (2009)

Sandra Bullock’s character, Margaret was so unrealistic, simply for one line of dialogue; she has to be the only woman in the world who would say “You’re showing everything! Cover it up!” to Reynolds. Is she crazy?!! Reynolds and Bullock’s fizzing on-screen chemistry gives credibility to the funny, but somewhat predictive plot.

The Amityville Horror (2005)

Horror remake is a term that never fails to make me shudder. If it ain’t broke . . . As far as this one goes, 2005’s reboot of this classic horror of the unsuspecting Lutz family who move into a house where a boy slaughtered his family painted Reynolds in a whole new light. As the good natured, family man, George Lutz, Reynolds was fitting, but as the unhinged, intense Lutz whose family fear him, Reynolds was disturbingly great.

Definitely, Maybe (2008)

Abigail BreslinReynolds’ young co-star (and on-screen daughter), steals the show on the humour front. The romance is centred around three ex-girlfriends of Reynold’s character, (played by Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz). There is notably less nudity than in “The Croods”, but its originality is a welcome surprise. Plus, no woman can resist the “hot Dad” card.