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The Forest

Identical twins, Sara and Jess treasure a very special bond; when Sara gets a call from Japan to say her twin has gone missing in the eerie Aoikigahara Forest (known as the “suicide forest” on account of the many young people who have taken their lives there), she hops on the first flight to Tokyo. Despite stern warnings about entering the woods, Sara is determined to find her sister who she believes is still alive, and ventures into the forbidden forest with local guide, Michi (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) and American travel writer, Aiden (Taylor Kinney). “Game Of Thrones” actress, Natalie Dormer takes on the dual role of Sara and Jess.


Sacha Baron Cohen is Nobby, a dim-witted, football hooligan who lives in Grimsby with his nine kids and girlfriend (played by Rebel Wilson) and longs to be reunited with his younger brother, Sebastian¬†(Mark Strong); both boys were adopted out separately as children. 28 years on from their adoption, Nobby learns of Sebastian’s whereabouts; his kid brother now works for The MI5 and is on the run, and needs Nobby’s help! Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher and Johnny Vegas co-star.

Secret In Their Eyes

Hollywood heavyweights, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman lead an all-star cast in this thrilling remake. A routine murder investigation spirals out of control for District Attorney Investigator, Jess Cobb (Roberts) as her own daughter is the victim. Jess’ close colleague, FBI agent, Ray Carsten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) dedicates his life to tracking down the girl’s killer. 13 years on, after endless searching, Carsten believes he has found the man responsible; pairing with District Attorney, Claire Sloan (Kidman), the dedicated agent urges the case to be reopened, while Jess has plans of her own . . .