Fleetwood Mac have a soundtrack that spans decades and generations, Scottish tribute McFleetwood are playing their part to keep their sound (and style) alive.

Ahead of their gig at McChuills this weekend, Gutter HQ caught up exclusively with their songbird, Christine McVie (aka Diane Jardin) to chat picking set-lists, Stevie Nicks’ famous top hat and die-hard fans . . .


Why pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac?

Fleetwood Mac are one of the greatest bands, and they’ve spanned decades now. There are very few people who would say they don’t like a Fleetwood Mac song, so it seems logical that they should be paid tribute to. As a band they are quite difficult to replicate, and they don’t have a large number of tribute bands, so it seemed like a great challenge to take on.

How did McFleetwood initially come together?

The band was initially started by one member who is a huge fan, and recruited other like-minded musicians and the band developed out of that love for Fleetwood Mac and their music.

Is your tribute a direct copy or your own personal interpretation?

Straight away, we’re not an exact copy as our line-up varies from theirs. As Christine McVie, I play guitar, and we have a dedicated keyboard player; we also have a great female bass player, so we don’t match the line-up in that respect, either. However, we replicate the sound and feel as authentically as we can. We also throw a nod to them with our stage outfits; our Stevie Nicks dons the classic top hat, of course!


With such an impressive back catalogue, how do you pick a set-list?

The set-list can be difficult. It was easy at first when all we wanted to do was fill a set-list, but now we have so many songs in our set that deciding which ones to do can be hard. It’s not just what songs to play, but the order, too. You have to think on the punters first, and work out what’s going to work for the audience on the night, and which of the “big hits” they’ll want to hear. It’s important to not forget the “uber fans” that will be there; they might want to hear an album track or a rarity that perhaps 75% of the crowd is unfamiliar with, so we need to strike a balance between keeping the majority happy and the super fans happy. It’s very rewarding to play Fleetwood Mac’s songs and see and hear people singing along and enjoying themselves.

Besides McChuills, where else can we catch you live?

We have a few gigs lined up. The first one will be in Paisley at The College Bar & Grill on Saturday 19th March 2016. April and May sees us playing Pitlochry and The Carbeth Inn, and at the end of May we have a great double header where we play The Green Room in Perth and Beat Generator in Dundee on 27th and 28th. 

McFleetwood are LIVE at McChuills on Friday 4th March 2016 @ 8pm