Marina Diamandis, aka Marina & The Diamonds, has lit up our pop charts the past five years with her infectious, kitsch pop anthems. However, this week, the Welsh songstress announced  that she is set to take a “hiatus” from music following the conclusion of her “Froot Tour”.

“It’s not goodbye for good, it’s just for a short while”

As we say bye, bye (for now), we look at The Queen Of Quirk’s finest musical moments to date . . .


The latest single from Ms Diamandis came in the form of this punchy, break-up track. The fifth (and final) single to be taken from her third studio effort, “Froot”, which was released in March 2015. “Froot” was the first album  from the singer to make The Top 10 of The US Billboard Chart.

“How To Be A Heartbreaker”

The third single from Marina & The Diamonds second studio album, “Electra Heart” was a tongue in cheek pop-tart track about, “How To Be A Heartbreaker”. The accompanying video was a saucy slice of fun where a PVC-clad Marina demonstrated effortlessly how to wrap “the boys who likes danger” around her little finger!

“Oh No!”

This bouncy pop treat set the tone of things to comes for Marina & The Diamonds; it introduced her quirky, fun take on indie-pop and her “no-nonsense” attitude. The fourth single taken from her debut LP, “The Family Jewels” was released in August 2010.


The lead single and title-track from her third studio album. “Froot” saw Marina & The Diamonds graduate to a more dance-friendly sound than her previous material. 


2012 saw Marina shed her raven lock for blonde tresses for her second LP, “Electra Heart”. The first single, “Primadonna” was a track that EVERY girl could relate to, “wanting it all!” The single was an international hit, hitting The Top 10 in Austria, Ireland and New Zealand.


Despite being her third single, it was “Hollywood” that launched Marina & The Diamonds career and caught her attention. A cynical and sarcastic look at “the mess that’s America”, Ms Diamandis pokes fun at our obsession with the glitz and glamour of “Hollywood”. The accompanying video has cheerleaders, jocks, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley doubles, as well as a stars and stripes clad Marina (who actually DOES look like Catherine Zeta!).