The King’s Theatre

Guys And Dolls

Tue 7 – Sat 11 Jun 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-65

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Romeo and Juliet with snap and tap, or if Fred Astaire and Shakespeare had a baby. Two lovers of separate gangs can’t deny their needs. Where civil blood makes civil hands . . . Jazzy!


Mon 13 – Sat 18 Jun 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-51

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What could be worse than a town that bans dancing? A town that bans music? Laughter?! Defy the rules and dance along with the classic 80’s film given new life on stage!


Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue

Mon 13 Jun 2016 | 7.30pm | £7

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A night at the theatre, with a difference! Ever wonder where they find the audiences for those game shows? Ever look at Brucie on Dave and wish you were there to scream “Nice!” Here’s your chance to join the fun, when The Pavilion performs its own panel game where dares meet music.

The Theatre Royal

That’s Entertainment

Tues 7- Sat 11 June 2016 | 7.30pm | £15.40 – £41. 40

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Special guest stars Elaine C. Smith and The Overtones bring a sparkling all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza of Hollywood hits, including “There Is Nothing Like A Dame”, “I Got Rhythm” and, of course, “That’s Entertainment”.

Horrible Histories : Groovy Greeks/Incredible Invaders

Tues 21 – Sat 25 June 2016 | Various Times | £14.65 – £19.65

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Groovy Greeks : From savage Sparta to angry Athens, discover the truth about growing up in Greece, from taking on the Trojans to pummelling the Persians! Incredible Invaders : The Celts are crunched when the Ruthless Romans invade Britain. Can crazy Caratacus save the nation? Hide behind Hadrian’s Wall. See the Savage Saxons smash their way in! 

The Tron Theatre

How To Sing It

Wed 8 – Sat 11 June 2016 | 8pm | £7.50

sing it

Isobel has been on a journey. With herself. Isobel and her most distinguished colleague, Isobel invite you to listen to the voices of the British Isles in an attempt to find out what to say, and how to sing it. With a voice that travels between her old friend Manchester and her beloved Glasgow more regularly than a Virgin Pendolino, Isobel’s determined to find out whether her accent matters and if how you speak holds more sway than what you’re saying. 

Imagine That!

Thur 9 – Sat 11 June 2016 | 7.30pm | £8

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Telling stories comes naturally doesn’t it? Remember the time when . . ? You’re never going to believe what happened . . . Did I tell you about . . ? What if the tales you’re telling are about something that isn’t real? Is your story a lie or just a piece of entertainment?  Tron Youth Theatre Juniors explore the stories we spin and the imaginary characters we dream up and wonder if what’s in our heads is more interesting than real life?