Ahead of their gig alongside Thousand Yard Stare in Glasgow this weekend, we spoke exclusively to The Apparells bassist, Stephen McCartney about influences, support slots and what to expect from their debut album . . .

For those who don’t know, who ARE The Apparells?

In no particular order, The Apparells consist of Rod Spark (Hammond Organ), Lee Cuthbertson (Vocals/Guitar), Jay Murry (Drums), Stevie Lynch (Guitar) and myself, Stephen McCartney (Bass Guitar). Or, as Stevie says, “the greatest thing to hit the Glasgow scene in a long time!”

How did the band initially come together?

It was a chance encounter between two of our songwriters at an Open Mic Night in Glasgow. The rest of us were duly assembled to complete the current line-up.

Describe your sound in 3 words . . .

Psychedelic, cool and meaningful.

We’ve already seen two promising EPs from you to date, what do you hope to achieve with your debut album? What can we expect?

We are hoping to continue where we left off from the last two EPs, same strong songwriting, but with a new direction and focus musically. The big difference will be a more expansive sound all round, so expect a full on assault on the senses.

You’re due to support Thousand Yard Stare in Glasgow this weekend, how does a support slot differ from a headliner? Which is the more nerve-wracking for you?

We don’t think it matters too much whether it’s a headline slot or support, though I suppose there’s a little more pressure to be at your best when you’re supporting a band like Thousand Yard Stare who have already been relatively successful in their earlier career, not to mention being one of the bands that influenced us to pick up guitars in the first place.

Who inspires you? Which bands do you like listening to?

We all have different tastes which makes it interesting when we are writing our own songs, as they can swing from one genre to another in the blink of an eye. From 60’s psychedelia to 90’s alt-rock; there will be bits of everything in there! Small Faces, The Beatles, Hendrix, Joy Division, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Pink Floyd, James, to name but a few. 

Glasgow’s live music scene can be highly competitive, is there anything you strive to do to stand out?

We don’t specifically look to create a certain sound, we just allow it to progress naturally. The introduction of Rod on Hammond has definitely altered our sound though, so I suppose that, and a guarantee of a full-on uptempo live show is what folk will be most drawn to.

What does the remainder of 2016 have in store for The Apparells?

After Thousand Yard Stare gig, it’s straight back into the studio to complete the recording of our debut album with the release of an EP tied in with a launch before Christmas.