The King’s Theatre

Puppetry Of The Penis

Sat 12 Nov 2016 | 7.30pm | £25

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One definitely NOT for the faint of heart, Puppetry Of The Penis features two near-nude guys making creative shapes with their anatomy, projected on a video screen. The intrigue alone should lead you there . . .

Million Dollar Quartet

Mon 14 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-41

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This jam-packed musical brings together icons of the music industry; Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for a recreation of a night in Memphis that made them icons.

Theatre Royal

The Broons

Mon 7 – Sat 12 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £14-40

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The Glebe Street bunch have featured in the classic DC Thompson comic strips in the Sunday Post since 1936 and this production celebrates them on their 80th Anniversary! Award-winning Scottish playwright Rob Drummond brings the infamous characters Granpaw, Paw and Maw Broon, Hen and Joe, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the twins and the bairn to life for a Scottish audience in a production filled with laughs, love and comic-strip visuals, all set to a Scottish soundtrack.

Little Shop Of Horrors

Mon 14 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-44

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Seymour Krelborn, the assistant at Mushnik’s Flower Shop in downtrodden Skid Row, becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers a strange and exotic plant. He names it Audrey Two in order to impress glamorous Audrey, the colleague he’s secretly in love with. Audrey Two quickly starts to wilt, putting Seymour’s job and dream future with Audrey at risk. Accidentally pricking his finger, Seymour discovers Audrey Two needs a little more than plant food to thrive . . .

The Shawshank Redemption

Mon 21 – Sat 26 Nov | 2.30/7.30pm | £14-39

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Despite protests of innocence, Andy Dufresne is handed a double life sentence for the brutal murder of his wife and her lover. Incarcerated at the notorious Shawshank facility, he quickly learns that no one can survive alone. Andy strikes up an unlikely friendship with the prison fixer Red and things take a slight turn for the better. However, when Warden Stammas decides to bully Andy into subservience and exploit his talents for accountancy, a desperate plan is quietly hatched . . . 

Tron Theatre

The Brothers Karamazov

Fri 18 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 8.30pm | £7.50

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Dostoyevsky’s story of debates of God, free will and morality is brought to the stage with Chris Donald’s passionate and philosophical adaption.

Citizens Theatre

The Crucible

Thu 10 – Fri 11 Nov 2016 | 1/7.30pm | £12

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Arthur Miller’s acclaimed play of false accusation and thoughtless persecution amongst Salem is brought to life by The West College HND Acting and Performing students.

The Rivals

Wed 2 Nov – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £13-23

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A comedy of the aristocratic social ladder around the once-lavish Mrs Malaprop on her determined quest to get her niece married in order to climb the social ladder.