The Killers dropped their brand new single, “The Man” today, the lead single from their forthcoming fifth studio effort which frontman, Brandon Flowers unveiled is titled, “Wonderful, Wonderful”.

“Wonderful, Wonderful” will be the Las Vegas band’s first studio LP since 2012’s “Battle Born”; “The Man” is a punchy, funk-soaked affair with enough swagger to make Mick Jagger jealous, but how does it compare to previous first tastes from the band?

“Mr Brightside”, taken from “Hot Fuss” (2004)

Where would indie dancefloors be without this track? “Mr Brightside”, a torrid tale of jealousy and paranoia was the lead single from The Killers debut, “Hot Fuss”. Originally released in 2003 with accompanying black and white band performance promo, the single was re-released in 2004 with stylish Moulin Rouge-themed video complete with courtesans, guyliner and a cameo from Eric Roberts.

“When You Were Young”, taken from “Sam’s Town” (2006)

The Killers swapped eyeliner and their love affair with the electro 80s for a more Springsteen-esque vibe with, “When You Were Young”, the first taste of second studio album, “Sam’s Town”. Both fans and critics alike were a little shell-shocked about the sudden change of direction for the band, but the track has remained a firm setlist favourite.

“Human”, taken from “Day & Age” (2008)

Another new album, another new direction for Brandon Flowers & Co; “Human”, an infectious, pure pop track dropped in 2008 as the teaser for things to come with third studio effort, “Day & Age”. The track’s nonscenical lyrics, “Are we human? Or are we dancer?” caused unexpected controversy (even more so than Flowers feather jacket from the video) but it didn’t stop the track becoming an international hit across the globe.

“Runaways”, taken from “Battle Born” (2012)

The Killers have never made any secret about wanting to be the next U2, and the rock outfit made a play for the stadium king’s crown in 2012 with the lead single from their fourth LP, “Battle Born”. “Runaways” was a military drum driven anthem fit for stadium shows, which the band experienced in 2013 when they headlined Wembley Stadium for the very first time.