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Exlovers: Blowing Kisses

Burgeoning into soppy territory here, Exlovers are a band who should touch you like a current/ex-lover’s whispers in your ears as you lay next to each other, savouring the tranquillity of your time together. Amidst the nostalgic memoirs of Smashing Pumpkins/Pixies-esque racing guitars, Pete’s vocals fail to strike an impression. The lacklustre laments get drowned […]

Beat Connection: Silver Screen

Teenage summers should be filled with rolling around beaches with your friends, frolicking whilst the sun smothers you with its warm comforting rays; they should be carefree as you stroll, Ray Ban sunglasses and swimming shorts galore. That’s exactly what Beat Connection manage to spark up, albeit a little more American summer than British. They’re […]

Ideals: Significant Other

“…If you hear a little voice in the back of your head that’s me and I’ll be screaming…” Andrew, Ideals’ frontman warns, displaying all the sentimental and melancholic tones he can muster. There’s a curse when it comes to imitating the sounds of Joy Division, White Lies or Interpol, on one hand, you’ll be skyrocketed […]

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