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New Gaia on Howard Street

This piece on Howard St is the rooster messenger cradling the head of St John as depicted by Guido Reni. The photoseries was shot by local Baltimore Larry Cohen and the set can be seen in its entirety here . Of course much props to Nanook for the help as well who can be […]

Baltimore Open City

An open city is a place where everyone feels welcome, regardless of such things as wealth, race, or religion. In every neighborhood of an open city, one feels like he or she belongs. Although an ideal for many, open cities are rare: too often, housing discrimination, inadequate public transportation, and the privatization of public space […]

Sace in New York

So here it is, just hopped onto the gutter blogging team and there is already some fresh action in New York regarding the legal wall that Deitch has organized on Houston and Bowery. For just one day, a sanctioned fire extinguisher piece was allowed to run on top of the Barry McGee mural in honor […]

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