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Gutter Fav france de griessen who is not afraid to walk on the wild side in a way that i think would make most american’s flinch got her rock on last week god bless her Klub is a dark cellar of a venue low ceiling minimal lighting save the one spot that just burns out […]

man in the city >>> artist in the world

When i pitched the idea of gutter france to olde’ JMG, told me hey we have got a guy from france who wants to be in the magazine. Fast forward – through the emails back and forth, me missing him in Paris and other dropped balls, fumbles by the home team- to a train station […]

Future Islands Paris – Live from the Little Bathtub

i genuinely love these guys this is their second time through paris next time i wanna go on the road will slick talking laugh walking Gerrit is quieter yet not really quiet more reserved waiting for you to make a move there was talk of cups of blood? where did it come from the blood […]

i will second that emotion

Lithuanian Soul the best dance parties i have ever been to what a scene who will show?? if i could teleport myself home for 4 days i would  

Getting Out of the Gutter — Liberia

  gutter gang when i am not chasing trouble in Paris and Bmore i am of course saving the world haha nah all i can do is shine a light this is where i am shining it for the moment take look maybe lend a hand cause this what i am talking about is the […]

Dad’s beard vs Shane’s beard — live music — free wine — cotton candy

Actor-Filmmaker-Photographer-Dear Friend Shane Woodward is having his First Solo Paris show titled Magical Milkshake it is an explosion of beauty and color the events should be a hoot with Music by les adorables —  Tamara and Nawel Shane wanted chili con queso to take it bck to his Mexican roots But had to settle for […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective