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Introducing: Jeye T

With heavyweight guardian angels taking the form of Alan McGee and ex-Libertines Gary Powell, further endorsement for Jeye T is really superfluous. But praise is deserved for the tangle of genres which he painstakingly distills and makes new. A grunge drawl has been made to fit with romantic anodyne melancholic verse like two bits of […]

Entrepreneurs (feat. FOE & Ghostpoet): Fuck Tactics

Entrepreneurs is Adam M. Crisp, pest controller. He lays waste to household vermin by day & makes music after the massacre. Reaper to the ‘rachnids Crisp may be, but he certainly avoids the demented eccentricities expected of him – complacently controlling the equally respectable twin disciplines of entomology and music production without allowing condemned creepy-crawlies […]

Auction: Statues

Debut my eye. Auction are evidently some sort of super indie conglomerate, harvested from experienced bands and passed off as rookies, because this record smacks of experience. ‘Statues’ is a happy car crash of energy and lethargy, stopping just short of boot-stomping acceleration. The opening line of “If this gets heavy, I’ll turn back and […]

Vintage Fashion: Individual or Mainstream?

The Vintage Vulture is an enterprising yet exasperating creature. Smelling vaguely of mothballs and snorting through its pince-nez with derision in the general, but not exclusive, direction of Topshop, they parade their inimitable sui generis pieces around town. Some towns will let you get away scot-free with this threat of individuality; in many others, you […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective