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Nice Nails Baby

One dubious question which goes forever unanswered is, what can I do to reinvent myself now? This usually comes after a cluster of piercings are allocated to the upper ear and enough random swallows are etched onto equally random body parts. Unfortunately we don’t come from a society where natural beauty is warranted or even […]

Hannah Marshall’s Strict Machine

You cannot blame the general British public, or even London’s dedicated followers of fashion if they are not totally up-to-date with all the emerging designers, and that’s just in the UK, because look overseas and you’ll be thrown into a frenzy of classics, vintage and of course the new talent. How do we decide who […]

Liz Black A/W 2011/12

As always, Central Saint Martins delivers an artistic genius. Liz Black’s A/W collection was unveiled to a rapturous reception as she conceptualized a new era in power dressing; a new silhouette, with the same attitude. Entitled ‘Concentric Thoughts’,  Black’s collection showcases her statement ‘circle’ bodysuit, seemingly a walking canvas, literally framing the empowered woman and […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective