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G|E|N|E|R|A|T|I|O|N “”RAW”” at TATU


Raw Baltimore presented GENERATION at TATU Lounge on March 7, 2013. The ART show was nothing short of a success. There were Bands Rocking, Artist Showings, and Best of ALL FASHION….IM here to BRING you THE FASHION FROM THIS EVENT!! Designers of the Night featured: HeadDress Designer: Rae Beth and Fashion Stylist LiberatedXFashionopulous Collection… Check out The Post.To see a GLIMPSE of what YOU missed…Stay Tuned for More Coverage..Also to Vote for those designers to Reach the RawK Awards simply Log on to and Search For there Profile and VOTE!!!

IMG_5093 IMG_5210 Model Victoria Starr IMG_4994 IMG_4933 IMG_5003 IMG_5132 IMG_5149 IMG_5246 IMG_5181

Model Coco

Model Coco



Katy Hirschfeld featured in Baltimore Record Label Artwork

Better on Foot, a new record label out of Baltimore set to launch in September, has recruited New Jersey based Katy Hirshfeld’s collage designs for their label and event production. The twenty five year old spent time living in Washington, D.C. and is an accomplished visual artist, regularly producing custom pieces and being consulted on ad agency projects. She has described her work as having been influenced early on by the “the grunge aesthetic of The 90’s, and subsequently all things seedy or gritty.”

Gutter spoke with her about her Collage Garage project, and how music has played a part in her inspiration: “As I got older, I was inspired by early British punk rock, such as but not limited to: the Adverts, Ex Ray Spex, Sex Pistols, and The Slits.” She says the bands etched a rebellious vibe into the fabric of her persona, which often reveals itself in her collage work. At a ripe age she’s proven herself an individual with an impressively unique style — she’s not afraid to speak openly about her inspiration when asked: “Studying cultural artifacts from the era when punk rock invaded the UK, and much of the surrounding regions, resulted in a seismic shift in my psyche; I found myself in a creative, imaginative rapture and my obsession with the zeitgeist of that era forced me to react in the only manner I know.”

Her collaboration with the label was debuted on a ‘Visionnaire’ teaser poster, a new weekly Thursday event produced by the record label set to start on Thursday, September 13th. Acts booked for the event include Tokyo Black Star (Innervisions) and Droog (Culprit, LA) and also UK based Alexis Raphael, who released his first record on Hot Waves, the label run by Lee Foss & Jamie Jones.
The label gained interested after finding a bit of ‘audio collage’ in its own work, where their music is sometimes difficult to describe. It may be clearly classified as deep house on dance music point of sale sites like Beatport, but these songs have splashes of techno, disco, 80s, and IDM.

Fore more info on the event, visit the facebook page for the new dance party’s grand opening: Visionnaire presents Alexis Raphael

Deep Secrets – Saturday June 2nd

Transmodern is upon us!

There was a huge void in the alternative festival scene with the departure of Whartscape. Thankfully, the annual Transmodern Festival (it’s been around for almost a decade) picked up the banner of awesomeness and waved it around proudly.
This year, fest goers are in for a treat. Performance artist Rebecca Nagle and crew have organized a food-based performance piece called F.E.A.S.T, which is “an original evening of truly unique dining and entertainment. Over an 8-coursed meal, each artist has prepared a conceptually connected performance, dish, and service to give every guest a complete sensory experience. Come to witness the birth of spring asparagus. Drink from the breasts of painted beasts. Feast at the sprawling 100-person table-stage. Find your way out of an after-dinner entrapMINT. Participate in a cake toss. Eat a dish smaller than your thumbnail and much, much more.”

The three day event is city-wide and there’s too much to list here, so check out THIS link for info.
The 9th Annual Transmodern Performance Festival runs from Thursday – Sunday at the following venues:
Current Space at 421 N. Howard St., The 14Karat Cabaret, D:Center@MAP at 218 W.Saratoga Street, in Tyson Alley between Franklin and Saratoga Streets and at the Baltimore’s Farmers Market & Bazaar at Holliday and Saratoga Streets!

A few of the artists include:
Bethany Dinsick, Meg Rorison, Omar MrOz, Melissa Webb, Sam Shea, Graham Coreil-Allen, Eric F. Avery, The Dandy Vagabonds, Lurch and Holler, Ginny Duncan, Naomi Davidoff, Ada Pinkston and John Flowers.
All the ticket info is HERE.

Trust me. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Do it….

Liberate Black. Liberate White!

It’s still kind of a secret that Bmore has an underground fashion scene, but we’re doing what we can to bring those unknown designers out into the light.
One of our FAVs is Je’ Liberated. He and his cru including the designer Betty Fashionopolis, fashion star Abdu Ali and national star and gay rapper GoDDM (all local icons in their own right) have done much to blow up the GLBT fashion and music scene.
So believe us when we say, you need to check this out! Bring your moms as well!

“This collection shows you that black and white doesn’t have to be bland and boring,” Je said. “The Liberated Factory turns black and white in to imaginary pops of color making it fun and daring vintage and very edgy.”


Here’s a little DDM for ya. Getcha in the mood…

MICA fashion KILLS it.

photography by Christopher Myers

We look forward to the Spring for many reasons. Tulips, Maryland Film Fest (more on that later), tulips, MICA’s two day end of the year fashion shows and tulips :).

This year, the students of MICA absolutely dazzled with their creativity and designs that seemed to float down the runway.
Think we’re kidding? Take a look for yourselves.
Lets get started:
First up is a selection from the MICA benefit show. The designers are:
Erik Clark and Amelia Stinnette
Allina Liu
Samantha Bloom
Michelle Kim
Evyn Fong and Kurina Sohn
Olivia Taliaferro

The following week saw the Milquetoast Experimental Fashion finals.

photos by Josh Sisk
The designers are:
Stephanie Santos
Giovanni Flores
Alexz Giocobbe & Jess Marx
Jacqueline Wadowski
Katherine Weintraub & Anna Strain
Georgia Caroline Milton

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective