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Album review – Trentemøller: Reworked/Remixed

Denmark’s Trentemøller has a formidable reputation as an electronic producer who embraces the clarity of real instruments, and this is well exhibited on his latest remix release, simply titled Reworked/Remixed. The artists receiving remix treatment here are expectedly taken from a wide range of genres, going from Franz Ferdinand to Mew to UNKLE, as well […]

Introducing: Duologue

London based 5-piece Duologue emerged in 2010 with a sound that mixed both dark electronica with straight-up rock, and a number of self-curated events featuring the likes of Matthew Dear and Darkstar among others. They release their second 4-track EP A-B on November 7th. Beats programmer Toby Leeming speaks to Gutter. First of all could you […]

Live review: Daedalus at Koko, September 17th

Despite hailing from LA, Daedelus shows his European influences right from his Greek mythology-inspired stage name to the Victorian tailcoats he wears. With his trademark Monome device in tow and a new mirror-based backdrop titled ‘Archimedes’, Daedelus treated a devout KOKO crowd to a relentless 75 minute set. The first half of the set went […]

This Weekend: Daedalus at Koko

The words “experimental beatmaker” are now synonymous with any Californian producer who delves into the hazier side of electronica while favouring choppy hip hop beats. As with every trend, the pioneers are followed by a host of imitators with varying degrees of talent, but in the former pool stands the unyielding Daedalus, who continues to […]

Xeno & Oaklander release new album

Xeno & Oaklander are French/Norwegian Liz Weldelbo and Maryland’s Sean McBride, who have been writing and recording music as a duo since 2004. Based in Brooklyn, McBride’s mono-vocal a la Ian Curtis and Weldelbo’s high pitched voice are pitted against a backdrop of analogue synthesisers, nostalgically paying homage to 1980’s minimal wave. The 17th of October […]

Gottwood 2011

It may have ended a fortnight ago, but attendees of Gottwood Festival are still daydreaming of fairy lights and beats – just check out the gushing messages left on the event’s Facebook page. Set within a forest that would do Hans Christian Andersen proud, there is a beach a half hour’s walk away (if you trespass […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective