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Live review: Daedalus at Koko, September 17th

Despite hailing from LA, Daedelus shows his European influences right from his Greek mythology-inspired stage name to the Victorian tailcoats he wears. With his trademark Monome device in tow and a new mirror-based backdrop titled ‘Archimedes’, Daedelus treated a devout KOKO crowd to a relentless 75 minute set. The first half of the set went […]

This Weekend: Daedalus at Koko

The words “experimental beatmaker” are now synonymous with any Californian producer who delves into the hazier side of electronica while favouring choppy hip hop beats. As with every trend, the pioneers are followed by a host of imitators with varying degrees of talent, but in the former pool stands the unyielding Daedalus, who continues to […]

Meet the Sweatshop Boys

DJ Benny Stixx has teamed up with Jon Kwest on a new EP, The Sweatshop Boys, Watch the Folding Chair. DL that shit, pass it around like a good joint and fuck the rain…

Bias & River Nelson: While We’re Young EP

Certain factions of the hip hop world are currently under siege to a wave of Guetta-esque cheesy synth chords. Thankfully, while NYC rapper River Nelson’s new EP sounds a good deal poppier than his debut album, The Rise and Fall of River Nelson, it doesn’t fall prey to the addition of electronic doodlings from British […]

Liberated fashion

Man, forget Baltimore Fashion Weak. The ONLY fashion event to need to check out is this little gem of a show being put on by local designer Jè Liberated…

Meet Electric Wire Hustle

They’re strictly soulful with hip hop influences in the vein of D’Angelo and Common, but rather than hail from the US this three-piece are from Wellington, New Zealand. Their debut album, Every Waking Hour, released in 2009, caught the attention of Giles Peterson and fans worldwide with its 60s-inspired, Rhodes-and-thick-percussion ditties. Meet Myele Manzana on drums […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective