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Introducing: Whales in Cubicles

London-based outfit Whales in Cubicles released their debut single ‘We Never Win’ this week. Taking their name from an Andrew Bird song and drawing influence from Neil Young, Black Sabbath and Blur, Whales in Cubicles give us a taster of what’s to come with their anthemic, call to arms debut. Italian born singer and guitarist […]

Listen: Being There

‘The Radio/Back To The Future’ is the new double A-side single from Being There, a London-based quartet who formed while studying at University in Manchester. The tracks were written during the current climate of economic uncertainty and deal with growing up and leaving childhood behind. Recorded by Richard Formby (known for his work with Wild […]

Listen: younghusband

Formed in 2010, London-based quartet younghusband made their live debut at Truck Festival that same year, and have been building momentum since with celebrity fans in the form of Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe and Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker. Crystal is their brand new EP, which fuses their love of shoegaze with psychedelia and kraut […]

Introducing: Duologue

London based 5-piece Duologue emerged in 2010 with a sound that mixed both dark electronica with straight-up rock, and a number of self-curated events featuring the likes of Matthew Dear and Darkstar among others. They release their second 4-track EP A-B on November 7th. Beats programmer Toby Leeming speaks to Gutter. First of all could you […]

Late Night Tales: MGMT

MGMT typify an indie band who somehow find themselves caught in a meteoric rise to the top and end up traumatised by the consequences. Their second album, Congratulations, saw them almost petulantly trying to shed their casual fans. Featuring no discernible singles, a centrepiece track  that was over 12 minutes long (‘Siberian Breaks’), and a […]

Album review: Veronica Falls

The much anticipated self-titled debut album by Veronica Falls opens with a production-polished version of the Tim Burton-esque love song ‘Found Love in a Graveyard’, yet retains the low key vocals of the original single. What follows is a similar blend of tracks, with jangly crisp guitar lines and rough harmonics by singers Roxanne and […]

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