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Down the Hobbit Hole

Peter Jackson is a true visionary. You may or may not like his directorial vision of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” I indeed did like it very much.

Reality bites. And stabs. And burns…

There are scenes in Sinister, a new film co-written director by Exorcism of Emily Rose Scott Derrickson and Aint it Cool News writer C.Robert Cargill that burrow into your brain and stick with you long after the credits roll.

Sex In Bmore: Forget The Numbers

SIB will be posting musings, advice, and her thoughts here on a weekly basis. Be warned, this IS a sex column and although there won’t be any steamy visuals (it’s not porn, ya know?) the text WILL be NSFW.   A few weeks back, Gutter Magazine’s resident movie critic thefrontrowe, gave his review of the […]

Car Jacked

The fifth installment of the the Fast and the Furious franchise is Glee for bear daddies.

Celebrate Putty Hill Love

PUTTY HILL THEATRICAL TRAILER from Matt Porterfield on Vimeo. Matt Porterfield‘s local masterpiece Putty Hill is coming to the Charles next friday. And Celebration’s launch party is on Saturday! Both events are meeting at the Ottobar for a colossal afterparty at the Ottobar. “Straddling an indefinite line between fiction and documentary, Matt Porterfield’s film begins […]

Walking shark

Yes. Click here for the most awesomest walking shark movie in history….a

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective