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Future Islands Paris – Live from the Little Bathtub

i genuinely love these guys this is their second time through paris next time i wanna go on the road will slick talking laugh walking Gerrit is quieter yet not really quiet more reserved waiting for you to make a move there was talk of cups of blood? where did it come from the blood […]

Our gift to you!

We thought we’d kick off the Summer with some reader appreciation! This could be THE playlist of the Summa, kids.
Thanks to everyone from Brixton to Bmore, Paris and Park Heights! We <3 all of you.

Dad’s beard vs Shane’s beard — live music — free wine — cotton candy

Actor-Filmmaker-Photographer-Dear Friend Shane Woodward is having his First Solo Paris show titled Magical Milkshake it is an explosion of beauty and color the events should be a hoot with Music by les adorables —  Tamara and Nawel Shane wanted chili con queso to take it bck to his Mexican roots But had to settle for […]

France Rocks Paris Palely

  France de Griessen is gutter between street – sidewalk main stream – underground neither – both she is dropping an album she is exhibiting her watercolors look for more soon   the press clip read Singer, performer, actress, director, songwriter, visual artist and watercolorist, France de Griesse is a polymorphic artist who invites viewers […]

If Hemmingway had actually been poor …

Gutter contributor Vinz also has his moments dabbling in the underground couple weeks ago he released his latest book its not really the latest but an old book in a new translation his latest was a two tomes of pure madness and creativity or so he tells me my spanish ain’t what it should be […]

On music monday, You’ll have a shake with those French fries!

If there’s one No Rule party that you can’t miss it’s tnght.

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective