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boulevard de crime // p. sean scheidt // m. melanie

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man in the city >>> artist in the world

When i pitched the idea of gutter france to olde’ JMG, told me hey we have got a guy from france who wants to be in the magazine. Fast forward – through the emails back and forth, me missing him in Paris and other dropped balls, fumbles by the home team- to a train station […]

Cheap Art!

Love or hate the weekly we ALL pick up on Weds like good little ink junkies to pass the time at our hipster watering holes, there’s one thing that pretty much everyone agrees on. The photographers rock. Hard.

Dad’s beard vs Shane’s beard — live music — free wine — cotton candy

Actor-Filmmaker-Photographer-Dear Friend Shane Woodward is having his First Solo Paris show titled Magical Milkshake it is an explosion of beauty and color the events should be a hoot with Music by les adorables —  Tamara and Nawel Shane wanted chili con queso to take it bck to his Mexican roots But had to settle for […]

The amazing work of Matthias Heiderich

The European school of photography has a serious eye for color. For all the talk of what we snarkily call “blandscapes”, the Germans especially tend to bring a more meditative vibe to the medium.

Fashion eras

In celebration of the new decade, our photoeditor Nicole Fallek and our fashion editor Devin Morris teamed up with DuBois Textiles to pay homage to fashion styles from the Hippie to the Grunge era.

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective