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Jeff Carey [3:30]

In a world where auto-tune and over production are industry standard it is refreshing when something comes out that is so polar opposite. Though the cue was taken from today’s pop music in the durations set for these noise masterpieces, these compositions are a far cry away from JT’s “Cry Me A River”. Jeff Carey‘s [3:30] […]

Still Penny “Stardust EP”

What do you get when you bread a hippy and a hipster together? A good ol’ time! Still Penny‘s “Stardust EP” is the perfect love child of 60’s and 70’s Zeppelin and Hendrix inspired rock and your 90’s and early 2000’s White Stripes and The Strokes alternative rock. With inspirations apparent.. It’s still hard not to say that […]

Baklavaa “Spiral Cramp”

Baklavaa "Spiral Cramp" Cover

It’s not every day you hear an album and feel as if it’s tapped into something you always knew you had inside you but never wanted anyone else to know about. Baklavaa‘s “Spiral Cramp” does just that and then some, inducing psychotic breakdowns and panic attacks with delusional riffs and demented vocals. The sense of manic […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective