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Still Penny “Stardust EP”

What do you get when you bread a hippy and a hipster together? A good ol’ time! Still Penny‘s “Stardust EP” is the perfect love child of 60’s and 70’s Zeppelin and Hendrix inspired rock and your 90’s and early 2000’s White Stripes and The Strokes alternative rock. With inspirations apparent.. It’s still hard not to say that […]

The Super Happy Fun Club

In the spirit of St Valentine’s The Super Happy Fun Club are spreading a little love amongst music lovers with a track available to download now, completely free. ‘Way Back’ is the ideal substitute for those of you tired of the predictable chocolates/flowers/jewellery routine…well maybe not jewellery. The Super Happy Fun Club are a five-piece […]

Introducing: Whales in Cubicles

London-based outfit Whales in Cubicles released their debut single ‘We Never Win’ this week. Taking their name from an Andrew Bird song and drawing influence from Neil Young, Black Sabbath and Blur, Whales in Cubicles give us a taster of what’s to come with their anthemic, call to arms debut. Italian born singer and guitarist […]

Listen: The Minutes

Marcata is the debut offering from Irish rock trio The Minutes. After a hectic 2011 which saw the band play over 100 shows including a critically acclaimed performance at Texas SXSWS festival last summer and support slots for Supergrass and The Von Bondies, cementing their already stellar reputation as a must-see live band. Marcata was […]

Gutter Talk: Tubelord

Since forming in 2006 after meeting at Kingston College, alternative rock outfit Tubelord have released two albums, their 2009 debut Our First American Friends, and latest offering R O M A N C E, out today. The new album represents a departure both lyrically and musically, as the thrashing guitars have mellowed in favour of […]

Scoundrels release Loud N Proud

Scoundrels are set to release ‘Loud N Proud’, the next single from their self-titled debut album on October 10th. ‘Loud N Proud’ is the second single to be released by the band following ‘Gulf Of Mexico’. The raucous track sounds like a band trying to desperately get to the end of the song before their CD […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective