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Baklavaa “Spiral Cramp”

Baklavaa "Spiral Cramp" Cover

It’s not every day you hear an album and feel as if it’s tapped into something you always knew you had inside you but never wanted anyone else to know about. Baklavaa‘s “Spiral Cramp” does just that and then some, inducing psychotic¬†breakdowns and panic attacks with delusional riffs and demented vocals. The sense of manic […]


Baltimore weirdos Baklavaa team up with newly formed noise punk band Sexgender¬†for their 7″ split. Released last week, the two bands toured themeselves down the southern east coast in support of the release. You can hear Baklavaa’s side on their BANDCAMP. Sexgender’s side can be heard on their BANDCAMP as well. See them both along […]

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