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Megalomaniac capitalists*

Look at me. I got money. I’ve got so much money, you have to admire me. Adore me. Want me. Feel my smell of dough. Envy me. My skin transpires gold. When I walk, you can hear, “ka-ching!”. I’m a success. I’m a winner. Loooook at meeeeeā€¦   As far as the race towards decadence […]

Free market apologists and the Republican Party

Few people are more annoying than the free market apologist, the guy who interrupts your casual conversation in the middle of a party in order to reduce anything and everything you say to a cold, economic theory. For example, while remarking matter-of-factly that I’m surprised how expensive a little can of Chipotle for our “Fajita […]

If Hemmingway had actually been poor …

Gutter contributor Vinz also has his moments dabbling in the underground couple weeks ago he released his latest book its not really the latest but an old book in a new translation his latest was a two tomes of pure madness and creativity or so he tells me my spanish ain’t what it should be […]

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective