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Whatever it is that fills your time (and batters your bank account), Gutter HQ can offer you a haven; we’ve been quiet on the home front lately, but VERY busy behind the scenes, working tirelessly to bring you the BEST in music, cinema, literature and culture in Glasgow

Gutter HQ has kept your old favourites including “Live & Local”, your quintessential guide to free local gigs and “Cinema Club”, our rundown of new releases, movie trailers and special screenings, but we have some exclusive new content coming your way, and brand new online exclusive on our Facebook and Twitter . . .

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Curtain Up : December 2016

The King’s Theatre


Thurs 8th Dec 2016 – Sun 8th Jan 2017 | Various times | £12-37

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How does one find true love? For some, it’s via Tinder, while others meet their significant other while learning took, or dance, or knit! For this Prince, he found his “sole-mate” with a glass slipper . . . Boasting an all-star cast including Gregor Fisher, Tony Roper, Des Clarke, Gillian Ford and Gary Lamont, The King’s Theatre presents The Godmother of all pantos this festive season . . . Yes, we shall go to the ball

Theatre Royal

Trailer Park Boys

Sat 10th Dec 2016 | 8pm | £31-60

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Three different viewpoints of the festive season clash in this comedy show, including the kind-natured religious nut, the money-grabbing capitalist and the relentless manhunt for Santa.

The Commitments

Mon 12th – Fri 30th Dec 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £22-54

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Alan Parker’s fantastically feel-good celebration of soul comes to Glasgow this Christmas. Follow Jimmy Rabbitte in his bid to launch Dublin’s hardest working band to the soul-star stratosphere with more than a few scrapes along the way . . .

Tron Theatre

The Snaw Queen

Tue 29th Nov 2016 – Sat 7th Jan 2017 | Various times | £10-19

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Move over, Frozen. It’s time for Baltic! The evil Snaw Queen has a devious plan to destroy Christmas through a smashed magic mirror, and it’s up to you to stop her!

Citizens Theatre

Simon’s Magical Christmas Socks

Thu 8th – Sat 31st Dec 2016 | Various times | £8

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To convince the little ‘uns to keep warm during the frosty months, there’s Simon, who is given magic socks that help him when he discovers Santa’s in a bit of a pickle.

Hansel & Gretel

Tue 6th Dec 2016 – Sat 7th Jan 2017 | Various times | £14-18.50 plus child rates

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And for the little ‘uns (and big ‘uns) who eat anything on sight over the holidays, there’s the story of Hansel and Gretel, who find a house made of sweeties but hiding a witch inside . . . 

Pavilion Theatre

Elfie’s Magical Adventure

Thu 24th Nov 2016 – Sun 15th Jan 2017 | Various times | £21.50

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The Pavilion’s SuperBowl is panto time, and they’ve got a doozey! Expect slapstick comedy, sing-alongs, and someone who’s behind you!

Curtain Up : November 2016

The King’s Theatre

Puppetry Of The Penis

Sat 12 Nov 2016 | 7.30pm | £25

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One definitely NOT for the faint of heart, Puppetry Of The Penis features two near-nude guys making creative shapes with their anatomy, projected on a video screen. The intrigue alone should lead you there . . .

Million Dollar Quartet

Mon 14 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-41

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This jam-packed musical brings together icons of the music industry; Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for a recreation of a night in Memphis that made them icons.

Theatre Royal

The Broons

Mon 7 – Sat 12 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £14-40

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The Glebe Street bunch have featured in the classic DC Thompson comic strips in the Sunday Post since 1936 and this production celebrates them on their 80th Anniversary! Award-winning Scottish playwright Rob Drummond brings the infamous characters Granpaw, Paw and Maw Broon, Hen and Joe, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the twins and the bairn to life for a Scottish audience in a production filled with laughs, love and comic-strip visuals, all set to a Scottish soundtrack.

Little Shop Of Horrors

Mon 14 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-44

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Seymour Krelborn, the assistant at Mushnik’s Flower Shop in downtrodden Skid Row, becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers a strange and exotic plant. He names it Audrey Two in order to impress glamorous Audrey, the colleague he’s secretly in love with. Audrey Two quickly starts to wilt, putting Seymour’s job and dream future with Audrey at risk. Accidentally pricking his finger, Seymour discovers Audrey Two needs a little more than plant food to thrive . . .

The Shawshank Redemption

Mon 21 – Sat 26 Nov | 2.30/7.30pm | £14-39

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Despite protests of innocence, Andy Dufresne is handed a double life sentence for the brutal murder of his wife and her lover. Incarcerated at the notorious Shawshank facility, he quickly learns that no one can survive alone. Andy strikes up an unlikely friendship with the prison fixer Red and things take a slight turn for the better. However, when Warden Stammas decides to bully Andy into subservience and exploit his talents for accountancy, a desperate plan is quietly hatched . . . 

Tron Theatre

The Brothers Karamazov

Fri 18 – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 8.30pm | £7.50

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Dostoyevsky’s story of debates of God, free will and morality is brought to the stage with Chris Donald’s passionate and philosophical adaption.

Citizens Theatre

The Crucible

Thu 10 – Fri 11 Nov 2016 | 1/7.30pm | £12

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Arthur Miller’s acclaimed play of false accusation and thoughtless persecution amongst Salem is brought to life by The West College HND Acting and Performing students.

The Rivals

Wed 2 Nov – Sat 19 Nov 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £13-23

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A comedy of the aristocratic social ladder around the once-lavish Mrs Malaprop on her determined quest to get her niece married in order to climb the social ladder.

Curtain Up : September 2015

The King’s Theatre

Gangsta Granny

Wed 7 – Sun 11 Sep 2016 | Various times | £20-39

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gangsta granny

From the great mind that’s half responsible for “Little Britain”, David Walliams brings us the coolest Grandma in the West. Bored Benny preps for a night babysitting his granny, only to discover she has a secret side . . .


Tue 13 – Sat 17 Sep 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-65

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Memories! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic stage musical sees a tribe of cats decide which of them will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and gain a new life.


Mon 19 – Sat 24 Sep 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-64

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Who knew murder was so fun? Roxie Hart proves, with a Chicago jury, it’s all about the razzle dazzle when she vyes for the public’s heart against Velma Kelly and hires Billy Flint to get her off!

Priscilla : Queen Of The Desert

Tue 27 Sep – Sat 1 Oct | 2.30/7.30pm | £21-43

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Priscilla dances her way through the desert in search of love and friendship on an old battered bus.

Citizens Theatre


Wed 14 Sep – Sat 8 Oct 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £12-23

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Irvine Welsh’s gritty novel returns to its original format when Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie show what happens when you don’t CHOOSE LIFE, you choose something else . . .

The Pavilion

Celtic The Musical

Wed 7 – Sat 17th September 2016 | 2pm/7.30pm | £15-£22.50


Featuring the songs that have rung round Celtic Park over the years Celtic The Musical tells the amazing story of this legendary club and the greatest fans in the world.

You’ve Got A Friend

Thur 22nd September 2016 | 7.30pm | £19.50


Telling the delicate story of friendship, this musical journey intertwines all the hits including ‘I Feel The Earth Move’, ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’, ‘How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)’, ‘Fire & Rain’, ‘You Make Me Feel (Like A Natural Woman)’ and the beautiful, ‘You’ve Got A Friend’.

Theatre Royal


Tue 6 – Sat 10 Sep 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £17-£30

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West Wing or House Of Cards meets Shakespeare, “Democracy” follows a newly elected Chancellor, whose own party are working against him, with a possible spy in the ladder.

The Mousetrap

Mon 12 – Sat 17 Sep | 2.30/7.30pm | £17-42

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The longest running show in history features a group trapped by the snow in a country house, with a murderer amongst them, but who?!

The Tron Theatre 


Fri 2 Sep 2016 | 6.30pm | Pay what you decide

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A father-daughter relationship is exposed on the Iran Air Flight 655 that was shot down by the US Navy in 1988. Their estranged relationship is mended through sharing their stories of the war that sent them down different paths.


Thu 8 – Sat 10 Sep | 8.30pm | £7.50

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150 years since Alice left Wonderland, she returns to lead a rebellion against The Queen Of Hearts but her right hand men are both driven mad by the war: the loyal March Hare and The Mad Hatter.


Sun 11 Sep | 2pm | £7.50

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A good mixtape is story told with songs from a single heart. This production pushes that a step further, accumulating writers and musicians to express their collective stories.

A Gambler’s Guide to Dying

Wed 14 – Sat 17 Sep | 8pm | £10

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After winning a fortune on the 1966 World Cup, a man is diagnosed with cancer and bets it all on making it to the millennium. His story explores what is worth living for and what’s worth dying for.

A Steady Rain

Fri 16 – Sat 24 Sep | 7.45pm | £8-16

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steady rain

Mad Men and House Of Cards writer comes to Glasgow with a buddy cop relationship pushed to the limit. The best friendship is rocked when a domestic disturbance takes a bad turn.




Curtain Up : August 2016

The King’s Theatre

The Rocky Horror Show

Mon 8 – Sat 13 Aug 2016 | Various times | £18-59

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rocky horror

“It’s just a jump to the left!” Fresh from celebrating its 40th Anniversary, Richard O’Brien’s iconic (and somewhat controversial) musical comes to Glasgow this month! Grab your fishnets for a night of fun, sex and one of the best soundtracks you could ever experience!

Citizens Theatre

Glasgow Girls

Sat 30 Aug – Wed 3 Sep 2016 | 8pm | £12-23

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glasgow girls

The most famous story of Glasgow that doesn’t involve the mob, Glasgow Girls is the touching story of a group of pals who rally together to keep a friend from being deported, with the help of a song or two.

Theatre Royal

Rehearsal For Murder

Mon 22 – Sat 27 Aug 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-40

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Another of Agatha Christie’s puzzling thrillers features an “apparent suicide” and a play within a play that unveils a murder.

Curtain Up : July 2016

The King’s Theatre

Derren Brown : Miracle

Mon 4 – Sat 9 Jul 2016 | 7.30pm | £30-50

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derren brown

The magic man is in town, upgrading to angel with his new show that features illusions of the mind inflicted on poor, unsuspecting souls.

Grumpy Old Women

Sun 17 Jul 2016 | 8pm | £30

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Sex And The City for the twilight years. Three grumpy old women come together to discuss, in all seriousness of course, ‘grumpy grooming’, ‘how to get your way without him noticing’ and, of course, a huge prescribed dose of booze.

The Chicago Blues Brothers

Sat 23 Jul 2016 | 7.30pm | £25-27

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Grab your shades and fedoras and brush up on your soul, it’s time to dance!

Jackie, The Musical

Tue 26 – Sat 30 Jul 2016 | 2.30/7.30pm | £15-40

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For those of us who were teens before Facebook, the bible was Jackie. Now she’s leapt off the page to the stage complete with all the celebs and culture of the 70’s.


The Real Hoosewives Fae Glesga : Wee Fat Glesga Wedding

Thu 29 Jul – Sat 6 Aug 2016 | 2/7.30pm | £18

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Desperate Housewives meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding, with a Glesga twist! God help us all! With songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, “9 To 5” and “I Will Always Love You”, The Real Hoosewives is a guaranteed scream, as any Glesga wedding should be.

Tron Theatre

Clown Cabaret

Sat 30 Jul 2016 | 7.30pm | £5

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What would happen if Liza Minnelli joined the circus? What could make a clown better? The glam of the cabaret, obviously. Seven clowns, seven glitzy unique acts for a night of music, laughter and awe.

The Lonesome West

Wed 6 – Sat 23 Jul | 2.30/7.45pm | £9-14

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In an Irish Catholic family, two respectively devout and agnostic brothers agree to wipe the slate clean by confessing everything they’ve ever done to each other, from “eat the last cookie” to “killed our father”.

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