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New Music Monday

With the New Year, we’re launching some new stuff just for you. We’ll be expanding our popular “Yappin’ with” column, featuring more international and local fashion and bringing you a New Music Monday post once a week.
Hope you like, we have some HUGE parties coming up, so stick around.

For our MM first post, we’re going to load y’all up with some local musicians who are doin’ great things in the New Year.
First up is Alexander Trust.
AT is an electronic music producer living in Baltimore. Drawing inspiration from the skewed beats of early Warp Records artists, an interest in medium format photography, and a fascination with found sound Trust produces tracks that inhabit a world driven by hectic percussion and ethereal melodies. Dig:

Next up is Bounge, AKA Rebecca Drumm.
Bounge, 21, has made some headway on the European Dance scene and, in our opinion, is the genuine article. You never see her diva’ing it on the FBs, hear her bitch about other musicians or get all haughty. She just wants you to hear her music, which is produced in a tiny basement BTW:

Slave to the Beat by Bounge

My lover is my Laptop by Bounge

Finally, we have a cross-over artist. Abdu Ali is better known for his amazing fashion blog, This year though, he’s dipping his impeccable pedicured toes in the music industry with this Bangee Music project. The raging first track is from his new collab with DJ Schwarz as part of the album-in-progress titled Invictus. “Invictus, embraces identity, being an individual, culture, and living life to the fullest with no mercy. It will be a musical blend of hip hop, house, to Baltimore Club. With this Ep, I want to connect to many people letting them know it’s ok to embrace who you are, live out side the box, and being as different as you want to be!”


Signed by: John Bohl

Of all the things going on during this PACKED weekend: see High Zero, Baltimore Book Fest, Betascape, we’re looking forward to the Nudashank Gallery’s Strange Grip show tmorw night. While peeping around at the artists on the roster of this site specific show, we came across the incredible art of John Bohl.

About Bohl’s work” “There’s a lot of melting and airbrushing going on, with somewhat camouflaged stabs at consumerism. Then again, maybe I’m just seeing sprinkled donuts because I’m hungry. It’s like all that melting sludge is the black sheep wandering around the sterilized Disneyland we want our future to be.”-Beautiful/Decay.
Hope you can make it. Bohl is showing with fellow artists ANDREW LIANG and

Nudashank Gallery:
H&H Arts Bldg. 3rd Floor
405 W. Franklin Street
Baltimore, MD
Opening 7-9 p.m.

Lady Meows the Blues

Look at that FACE! This little kitteh, Blue Lady is in serious trouble. She belongs to G-fam member Libby Picken, who you know as the voice of Lazerbitch. Lady was diagnosed with a carcinoma(cancer) via biopsy on 07/22/11. After bloodwork, x-rays, and an ultrasound, she was deemed treatable with surgery, as her cancer has not yet spread.
“I still need at least 5K to cover Blue’s surgery and treatment. I have applied for assistance through every single non-profit known to man, and have only received rejections from 2 so far, since I did not live in the states that they only covered funding for. If you could find it in your heart to donate even just one dollar, it would help immensely. Even sharing my message with others would be incredibly helpful. I cannot watch Blue die simply because I did not have the money to pay for her treatment. I have started an online fundraising page to assist with Blue’s treatment.”-Libby.

C’mon. How can you say no to that FACE. We don’t usually do the fundraising thang here. But we’re making an exception for Blue Lady.. that FACE! Help her out. We can’t save ’em all, but one will always do.
Donate here and rack up those Karma points!

Our gift to you!

We thought we’d kick off the Summer with some reader appreciation! This could be THE playlist of the Summa, kids.
Thanks to everyone from Brixton to Bmore, Paris and Park Heights! We <3 all of you.

Frank The Butcher & DJ Masta Lee “Classic Rap Volume 1″ | Tracklist

01. Classic Rap Intro – Frank The Butcher
02. C’Mon Wit Da Git Down – The Artifacts
03. Take ‘Em To War – Kool G Rap
04. I Shot Ya – Keith Murray / Prodigy
05. Walk in NY – Onyx
06. New Jack City – M.O.P.
07. Boyz-n-the-Hood – Eazy E
08. Murdafest – Smoothe Da Hustler f. Trigger The Gambler
09. How Many Emcees – Black Moon
10. Microphone Master (Sewa / 41st Side remix) – Das Efx f. Mobb Deep
11. Time’s Up – O.C.
12. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Large Pro Remix) – Nas
13. Soul On Ice (remix) – Ras Kass
14. Reign of the Tec – Beatnuts
15. The Main Ingredient – Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
16. The Most Beautifullest Thing in the World – Keith Murray
17. Next Level (DJ Premier Nyte Time remix) – Showbiz & AG
18. In The Ghetto – Eric B & Rakim
19. The Infamous Date Rape – A Tribe Called Quest
20. Invasion – Jeru the Damaja
21. Crooklyn Dodgers – Special Ed, Masta Ace & Buckshot
22. 9th Wonder – Digable Planets
23. I’ll Be There For You – Method Man f. May J Blige
24. Mad Izm – Channel Live f. KRS-One
25. Hittin’ Switches – Erick Sermon
26. Manifest (remix) – Gangstarr
27. The Bomb – Akinyele
28. Gansta Bitch – Apache
29. Big Ole Butt – LL Cool J
30. Punk Jump Up – Brand Nubian
31. Oh What a Night – Diamond Shell f. Biz Markie
32. Warrior’s Drum – King Just
33. Road to Ritches – Kool G Rap
34. Chief Rocka – Lords of the Underground
35. Shoot to Kill – Mad Lion
36. Duck Down – KRS-One
37. Ain’t Going Out Like That – Cypress Hill
38. How I Could Just Kill a Man – Cypress Hill
39. Scenario (remix) – ATCQ f. LONS & Kid Hood
40. So What Cha Sayin’ – EPMD
41. 360° (What Goes Around) – Grand Puba
42. Sally Got a One Track Mind – Diamond D
43. Back to the Grill Again – MC Serch f. Red Hot Lover Tone & Nas
44. Live at the BBQ – Main Source f. Nas
45. Uptown Anthem – Naughty By Nature
46. Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey) – De La Soul
47. Looking at the Front Door – Main Source
48. Fakin’ The Funk – Main Source
49. Case of the P.T.A. – Leaders of the New School
50. Blue Cheese – UMCs
51. Welcome to the Terrordome – Public Enemy


Dad’s beard vs Shane’s beard — live music — free wine — cotton candy

Actor-Filmmaker-Photographer-Dear Friend

Shane Woodward is having his First Solo Paris show

titled Magical Milkshake it is an explosion of beauty and color

the events should be a hoot with Music by les adorables —  Tamara and Nawel

Shane wanted chili con queso to take it bck to his Mexican roots

But had to settle for cotton candy

next time there will be burritos

damn it

come on people --- COTTON CANDY

France Rocks Paris Palely


france is made up of many parts

France de Griessen

is gutter


street – sidewalk

main stream – underground

neither – both

she is dropping an album

she is exhibiting her watercolors

look for more soon



the press clip read

Singer, performer, actress, director, songwriter, visual artist and watercolorist, France de Griesse is a polymorphic artist who invites viewers into her realm of dreams, poetry and violence.

Strongly influenced in her early youth by punk culture, France embraces a “do-it-yourself” mentality, shrugging off convention in her theater, music and drawing to create her signature style “Romantic Punk” .

Her lil rebellious creatures, tormented souls softened by a pale wash of watercolors give France’s work the feeling of a child’s drawing: their asymmetries and mixing of different dimensions. These visual elements construct her vision of a cruel and wonderful dreamscape where anything is possible, like that of Alice in Wonderland.

Embarking on a journey of pain, wonder and power, “The Cycle of Crowns” explores the cycle of milestones in the life of an artist.

The City That Breeds BEATBOTS Eat On This Quarterlife Party Shine Collective